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About cash payouts

BEO-Export specialises in money transfers to Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina , Croatia and Macedonia.

The combination of our extensive experience, state-of-the-art software, latest technology and our wide network of participating financial institutions, has enabled us to reach all corners of former Yugoslavian territories.

We have simplified the way we do our business, and most transactions can be processed by making a quick phone call to our office.

The recipients can access their funds in a number of ways:



Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia and Macedonia


  •  At a wide network of participating Banks
  •  Home Delivery through the Post Office Network
  • (Additional Fees and Conditions Apply. Home Delivery is not available to Montenegro and Macedonia)
  •  Account deposits in any Bank, with no intermediary Bank fee!

Payouts are in EUR or the local currency of Destination Country (RSD, KM etc) A valid form of identification is required and must be presented by the recipient.


For all transactions over $10,000 when you have the account details of the beneficiary, the best option is:



Anywhere in the world

BEO Telegraphic Transfer is one of the quickest and most reliable ways to transfer money overseas. This convenient method gives you the option to deliver funds at competitive rates – directly to the recipient’s bank account anywhere in Europe and the rest of the world.

BEO Telegraphic Transfers are a practical, money-saving solution for all transfers with a low flat fee per transactions or no fee at all. Call us and explore special exchange rate benefits for amounts over $10,000 AUD and NO FEE.


  •  Telegraphic Transfer to any bank account in the world
  •  Special exchange rates for amounts upwards of $10k
  •  Our service free of charge to you
  •  We offer highly competitive exchange rates
  • Please call us on 02 8781 1950, we will definitely be able to save you money!

  • Payouts are in the local currency of Destination Country (EUR,USD)

    A valid form of identification is required and must be presented by the recipient for both Cash and Telegraphic Transfer Payouts.

We employ a great team of knowledgeable staff both here and overseas who will help you and the recipient select the best payment and payout options.

You can both count on our full support throughout the entire process.



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